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Twitter Headed Towards First Profitable Quarter

Twitter is close to turning a quarterly profit for the first time in the social network's history. Its latest financial information reveals the company had net losses of only $21 million during Q3 and Twitter believes a profit could be obtained in the fourth quarter.

4K Video Support Finally Coming To Facebook

Facebook is starting to play nice with 4K video content. The social network has confirmed it's now testing support for 4K uploads and playback based around the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition Television standard. Given how long 4K has been available elsewhere, this is welcome.

Instagram Lets Users Add Guests To Livestreams

You can now add guests to your live video streams on Instagram. The social network has updated the livestreaming side of its service to make the platform a more useful place for streaming. Instagram began testing guest additions with some users in August.

Facebook Trying A Temporary Status Option

Like the temporary profile pics Facebook already offers, the social network is trying out a temporary status feature. The self-destructing status updates have appeared over the past few days, with some users gaining access to the ability. Facebook confirmed the test.

Facebook Tests A Resume Feature

Facebook is trying out a resume feature that could help it become a slightly more business-centric social network and therefore a competitor to LinkedIn. Screenshots of the feature are available now that it has rolled out to some users. Resumes are separate from profiles.

Twitter Adding A Bookmark Feature

Twitter is working on a bookmarking feature that'll let people save tweets for later viewing, the social network has announced. Because the capability is still in development, Twitter is requesting feedback and ideas from users, which can be submitted with "SaveforLater."

Twitter Tests 280-Character Limit

We've heard about Twitter's interest in expanding its character limit for years and now it appears the social network is finally ready to move past 140-character tweets. Earlier this week, the network began testing a new 280-character limit with a small set of beta testers.

Instagram Reaches 800M Users

Instagram's user count has increased significantly in recent months. In just four months, the Facebook-owned social network has seen its user base increase by 100 million people, bringing it to 800 million. The platform is on a path to reach 1 billion users by the middle of 2018.

Instagram Face Filters Now Work During Streams

Filters that can alter the appearance of your face are now available for use during livestreams on Instagram. The photo and video-centric social network is letting users add filters to their streams before they begin or during. You can add accessories to your appearance.