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Facebook COO Says Platform 'Has No Place For Hate'

Following the revelation that Facebook allowed advertisers to target people based on hateful ideologies (i.e. targeting people self-identified as "Jew hater"), COO Sheryl Sandberg has come out to explain the mistake. Sanberg said there's no place for hate on the network.

Facebook Messenger Has 1.3 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook Messenger grew to 1.2 billion monthly active users in April 2017 and it has already added another 100 million, the social network announced Thursday. With the addition of features like filters and video chat reactions, Facebook has been working to expand Messenger.

Facebook Tries Out 'Instant Videos'

Facebook is trying out a feature that'll automatically download videos over WiFi, making them immediately accessible whenever you feel like watching. The feature, known as Instant Videos, will also reduce your data usage. It's being tested with some Android users.

Twitter Testing Built-In Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter is trying out a feature that'll make it easier to post tweetstorms, which effectively give people a way to skirt around the social network's 140-character limit. A user on Twitter, Devesh Logendran, sent screenshots of the feature in the Android app to TheNextWeb.

Twitter Enables Night Mode On Desktop

Twitter has officially rolled out its highly requested Night Mode display option on desktop. When it's enabled, the theme becomes dark, something many people prefer all the time or at least in the evening. Night Mode has already existed on mobile devices.

Facebook's Safety Check Gets Permanent Section

Safety Check is now a permanently accessible feature on Facebook, with the ability located in its own section. It's no longer going to exclusively appear when there is a serious incident somewhere in the world. Instead, people can access Safety Check whenever they like.

Facebook Marketplace Reaches New Countries

Facebook continues improving and expanding its social network. By the end of 2016, Facebook launched a feature called Marketplace that allows people to sell and buy things. At first, the Marketplace was only available in a handful of countries, including the US, Australia, Canada

Facebook Launches 'Watch' Tab For Original Shows

Facebook has finally launched the Watch tab, a new section of the social network built around original content. It's only available in the United States right now and it has initially reached a subset of users across platforms. The Watch tab will feature original videos.

Twitter Tries Out Desktop Night Mode

After finally bringing a night mode option to Twitter for iOS in August 2016, the social network has begun testing the same design on desktop. Many people prefer dark designs, especially by the evening when it can become more comfortable to limit a site or app's brightness.