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Facebook To Rank Websites By Load Time

Facebook will begin considering site load times when ranking domains in the News Feed, the social network has announced. It's going to roll out an update in the coming months that'll specifically boost the ranking of fast-loading pages. Those will show up higher for mobile users.

Facebook TV May Launch In August

Facebook's "television" offering is reportedly going to arrive in August. Bloomberg reports we're just two weeks away from the social network offering 5 to 10-minute shows from a variety of partners. It has asked for content creators to send in the first episodes of their shows.

Facebook Reportedly Creating Echo Show Competitor

Facebook is said to be working on a smart speaker with a display that'll compete against Amazon's Echo Show, a fairly recent Alexa-based device. DigiTimes says the social network's Building 8 research group is working on a device with a 15-inch touchscreen panel.

Facebook Passes 2B Monthly Users

Facebook has reached a new significant milestone: 2 billion monthly users. That achievement was announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on his Facebook page. The social network has been near the milestone for months and now it's finally reached 2 billion after 13 years.

Instagram Brings Archive Feature To Everyone

Archiving has fully launched on Instagram and is now available for all users. The Archive feature lets users easily hide pictures without actually deleting them. They can restore their content whenever they want to. Instagram began trying out the feature last month.

Instagram Introduces Two New Stories Features

A couple new versions of "Stories" have been added to Instagram, building upon the network's highly successful post format. On Tuesday, the company introduced location Stories and hashtag Stories. With the former, you can search for any location and find local Stories.