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Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Returns To Company

To help guide Twitter's future, co-founder Biz Stone is returning to the social network. Stone was one of the first four founders of Twitter back in 2006, but he decided to leave the company in 2011 in order to work on other projects. He has an unspecified role.

Twitter 'Moments' Will Include Ads

Twitter's Moments section is going to become another source of revenue for the social network. Ads in the form of "full-screen vertical videos" will make an appearance in that section of the app. Company representatives discussed the ad format during an event in Dubai.

Facebook Comments Get Reactions

After promoting the use of "reactions" on regular posts, Facebook has expanded the feature to cover comments. Users will be able to continue "liking" comments, but they can also gives reactions like "sad" and "wow." The whole system is based around emoji.

Twitter Announces 16 New Streaming Partnerships

After revealing a 24-hour streaming news deal with Bloomberg News, Twitter announced more than a dozen other streaming deals. It's working with companies like BuzzFeed, Vox, Viacom, and the PGA to include a diverse array of streaming content. Twitters is dedicated to streaming.

LinkedIn Grows To 500M Users

Microsoft's business-centric social network LinkedIn now has more than 500 million users. The company announced its milestone in a blog post, revealing it has gained around 33 million people since late 2016. Microsoft acquired the network late last year.

Facebook Messenger Grows To 1.2B Users

1.2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month, up from the 1 billion Facebook reported in July 2016. Considering 200 million users in total would be a significant user base for most apps, that kind of growth over an 8-month period indicates Messenger is doing well.

Twitter Tests @Support Bot

If you have a question pertaining to Twitter's platform, a new support bot may be able to help. The social network is testing a bot on its @support account that'll soon answer basic user questions through direct messages. Twitter is still just testing the feature.