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Twitter Announces Three Anti-Abuse Updates

Twitter has outlined three changes it's implementing to deal with abuse and harassment on the platform. First, it wants to make bans more effective by doing what it can to prevent people from making new accounts. It'll try to identify people who've been permanently suspended.

Facebook Approaching 2 Billion Users

Facebook's user base continues to expand and is headed towards 2 billion. The company's latest financial report revealed $8.8 billion in revenue for the last quarter. Over 1.23 billion people are using the social network daily, with 1.15 billion accessing from mobile daily.

Facebook Stops Clearly Labelling Edited Posts

It's no longer going to be as obvious if a Facebook post has been edited when you're browsing your feed. The social network has stopped displaying an "edited" label next to the timestamp of posts. You must click the drop-down menu in the corner to see if something has changed.

Instagram Adding Ads To 'Stories'

Instagram has found a new place to include ads. The Facebook-owned social network is testing ads that'll display between Stories, which also means they're skippable. Users will begin seeing the ads in the coming weeks, according to Instagram. The ads are under 15 seconds.

Facebook Will Begin Showing Ads During Videos

Facebook is going to begin leveraging its large collection of videos by adding mid-roll ads to the platform. Publishers will be given the option of placing ads in their videos that'll appear after at least 20 seconds have been played. 55% of revenue will go to publishers.

Twitter Wants To Let Users Edit Tweets

Tweet editing could be on the way, but the social network needs to figure out how it should be implemented. To close out the year, CEO Jack Dorsey polled users on what features they want to see added in 2017. Editable tweets was a common and well received request.