News tagged: Twitter Update

Native Video Support Added To Twitter Kit

Twitter has included native video support in its latest version of Twitter Kit for developers, allowing users to more easily watch full-screen GIFs and videos. iOS apps on iOS 8+ are already supported and Android apps will begin showing native videos soon.

Twitter Testing Emoji Responses

Shortly after replacing its favorite star button with a heart, Twitter is reportedly testing emoji responses to posts. A developer version of the app now comes with the ability to respond with emojis instead of hearts, allowing people to give better responses.

Twitter Adds Polls To Tweets

In its latest feature test, Twitter has added polls to tweets. Users are reporting they have gained access to the feature, which lets them insert polls within their posts. Other users can vote in the polls and see the results. It is only possible to have two options in a poll.

Twitter Changes Follow, Tweet Buttons

Twitter has introduced new follow and tweet buttons that will replace the ones everyone has gotten used to seeing over the past few years. These buttons are simpler, flatter, and do not have a share count next to them like their predecessors. The share count API will be disabled.

Twitter Testing A Dedicated News Tab

Some Twitter users on Android and iOS may be seeing a new tab that the social network is testing. Twitter is experimenting with a "Featured News" tab that will display trending news topics. The tab is located in the middle of the bottom row of icons in Twitter's mobile apps.

You Can Now Get Twitter DMs From Anyone

Twitter's direct message (DM) feature has been upgraded so that users can receive messages from anyone. Before this update, you could only send DMs to someone who was following you. Twitter first launched a wider DM feature in 2013 but it was limited to a small group of users.

Twitter Homepage For Signed-Out Users Updated

Twitter has a new homepage for people who are not signed in. The homepage will be used to attract non-users and it will also appear for those with an account who just happen to be logged out. Non-users had previously only seen a sign-up page when visiting the site.

Twitter Tests App Pins On Brand Pages

Twitter has begun experimenting with the ability to pin apps to brand profiles. Companies would be given the ability to pin a particular application to their profile with this feature. Users have already seen Periscope, Vine, and Uber doing this on their pages.

Twitter Revamp Improves Trends

Twitter has updated trends so that it is easier to understand what hashtags are actually talking about. Only seeing a hashtag can be confusing if you are not up-to-date on current popular topics. Trends will now give a explanation of what a hashtag is referring to.

Twitter Improves 'Quote Tweet' Feature

The "quote tweet" hasn't generally been the most useful feature but it has just been upgraded in a big way. Before, the function would just wrap a tweet in quotes and then put it on your timeline. It'll now be possible to add your own thoughts when quoting.

Twitter Improves Report, Block Tools

Social networks have always been havens for threats and bullying, and Twitter has arisen in the past few years as one of the worst places for harassment. The social network already has block and report tools, but they haven't actually curbed the bullying. Upgrades are

Twitter Updates Its Font, Color Options

Twitter has announced a few changes to the network, including additional color options, a new default web font, and a couple new buttons on profile pages. The new font is supposed to improve both speed and reliability on Twitter, according to the announcement.