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Twitter Adding A Bookmark Feature

Twitter is working on a bookmarking feature that'll let people save tweets for later viewing, the social network has announced. Because the capability is still in development, Twitter is requesting feedback and ideas from users, which can be submitted with "SaveforLater."

Twitter Tests 280-Character Limit

We've heard about Twitter's interest in expanding its character limit for years and now it appears the social network is finally ready to move past 140-character tweets. Earlier this week, the network began testing a new 280-character limit with a small set of beta testers.

Twitter Testing Lite Version Of Its App

If you live in a country or region that has a poor connectivity, then you know how frustrating can be when you need to wait for a few minutes to load a single page. Twitter is aware of that and is now working on a Twitter Lite Android app for those with poor connectivity.

Twitter Testing Built-In Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter is trying out a feature that'll make it easier to post tweetstorms, which effectively give people a way to skirt around the social network's 140-character limit. A user on Twitter, Devesh Logendran, sent screenshots of the feature in the Android app to TheNextWeb.

Twitter Enables Night Mode On Desktop

Twitter has officially rolled out its highly requested Night Mode display option on desktop. When it's enabled, the theme becomes dark, something many people prefer all the time or at least in the evening. Night Mode has already existed on mobile devices.

Twitter Tries Out Desktop Night Mode

After finally bringing a night mode option to Twitter for iOS in August 2016, the social network has begun testing the same design on desktop. Many people prefer dark designs, especially by the evening when it can become more comfortable to limit a site or app's brightness.

Twitter Now Testing A $99 Subscription Program

Many social networks were already offering some kind of promotion that could be used to promote either your page or your post, and Twitter has now launched a new way of promotion. The social media network is now testing a subscription plan that charges users $99 a month to

Samsung Might Have Revealed Galaxy Note 8

After various leaks and renders, it looks like Samsung itself spoiled the surprise and revealed the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 handset. The company's official Exynos Twitter account shared an image that appears to feature the unannounced Galaxy Note 8 phablet.