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Twitter Announces Three Anti-Abuse Updates

Twitter has outlined three changes it's implementing to deal with abuse and harassment on the platform. First, it wants to make bans more effective by doing what it can to prevent people from making new accounts. It'll try to identify people who've been permanently suspended.

Vine Launches Searchable Database Of All Vines

Vine officially closed its doors on January 17 as a part of restructuring effort of Twitter. The 6-second video platform continues to live as "Vine Camera" that lets you record videos in the classic Vine format. Twitter has also launched searchable online archive for Vine

Vine Shutting Down On January 17

Vine has finally provided an exact shutdown date. The Twitter-owned app is closing on January 17 and the only thing that'll remain is "Vine Camera," which lets you record videos in the classic Vine format. You can use the app to capture 6-second videos that can be saved.

Twitter Wants To Let Users Edit Tweets

Tweet editing could be on the way, but the social network needs to figure out how it should be implemented. To close out the year, CEO Jack Dorsey polled users on what features they want to see added in 2017. Editable tweets was a common and well received request.