News tagged: Vulnerabilities

CCC Warns Germany's Voting System Isn't Secure

There are significant vulnerabilities present in Germany's voting system, warns Chaos Computer Club (CCC). In the lead up to Germany's federal election, CCC has stated there are security holes that could allow malicious groups to change vote totals, among other things.

Legacy Systems Put Flight Booking Systems At Risk

Flight booking and itinerary systems are prime targets for hackers due to their continued use of legacy systems, according to research from SR Labs. A presentation at Chaos Communication Congress from two SR Labs researchers explained how the systems aren't adequately protected.

Vast Majority Of Android Devices Are Not Secure

The majority of Android devices, 87.7% to be exact, are not secure, according to a study from the University of Cambridge. Using data from 24,000 devices that have installed the Device Analyzer app, researchers concluded most devices were exposed to at least one vulnerability.